Progetto Vino - Collisioni Festival 2017

Progetto Vino - Collisioni Festival 2017

Festival Collisioni, invented in 2009 and arrived at the 9th is and agri-rock festival that every year promote italian and international culture attracting thousand of visitors. 

From 14 to 18 July, the village of Barolo (CN) in the historical area of Langhe will organize concerts and conferences with writers and journalists. 

The wine will be an important protagonist thanks to “Progetto Vino di Collisioni”, created by the wine expert Ian d'Agata who is the Scientific Director of Vinitaly International Academy. During the event different experts will come to Barolo to meet italian producers and taste their wines.

“Progetto Vino di Collisioni”, appreciated by wineries and operators, in 2016 permitted to 70 experts from 11 countries to meet a lot of wineries during more than 60 thematic events. 

Enoteca Regionale last year participated to this initiative and even during Collisioni 2017 will present the wines from Emilia Romagna during a tasting in the beautiful Tasting Room of Barolo Castle on Monday 17th July where international experts will discover the most typical references of the region, from Rimini to Piacenza. 

These are the wines that will be presented: Romagna PDO Sangiovese Superiore 2016; Romagna PDO Albana 2016; Bosco Eliceo PDO Fortana Sparkling S.A.; Colli Bolognesi PDO Pignoletto Sparkiling S.A.; Lambrusco di Sorbara PDO 2016; Reggiano PDO Rosso 2016; Colli di Parma PDO Malvasia Sparking 2016; Gutturnio DOC Classico Superiore 2015.