Emilia Romagna a tutto campo! A new project by Enoteca Regionale

21 February 2018
Emilia Romagna a tutto campo! A new project by Enoteca Regionale
The project is called “Emilia Romagna a tutto campo” [a tutto campo is a sportive slang that I think I can translate into “playing the field”]. It is a communication and promotional project for the region Emilia Romagna and its wines, using a simple, unconventional but at the same time professional language and the soccer’s metaphor.
Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna together with Luca Gardini, best worldwide sommelier in 2010, is creating a group of coaches/trainers (wine experts from Italy and abroad), we will assign a local grape to each of them, that grape will become their team. Every coach will taste all the labels produced with that grape by the winemakers of the region and will create his/her own team with the best players (best tastings). The goal is creating a championship of wines that we will describe and promote on the newspaper "Gazzetta dello Sport" during Vinitaly Wine Fair 2018 and on further occasions throughout the year.

The local grapes have been assigned to its coach as follows:


Pier Bergonzi, Italy

Christy Canterbury MW, USA

Fabrizio Carrera, Italy

Daniele Cernilli, Italy

Luciano Ferraro, Italy

Andrea Gori, Italy

Andrea Grignaffini, Italy

Antonio Paolini, Italy

Raoul Salama, France

Adua Villa, Italy

Othmar Kiem, Austria



Lambrusco di Sorbara







Lambrusco Reggiano



The first tasting sessions will be organised between Februar and March at the historical seat of Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna in Dozza, but you will have to wait until April to find out the results.... keep in touch!!


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