Consorzio Vini Colli Bolognesi

Consorzio Vini Colli Bolognesi

Representative: Francesco Cavazza Isolani
Via Abbazia 30/c ,
40050 Monteveglio-ITALY (BO)
Telephone: +39 051 6707752
Year of establishment: 1971
Fax: +39 051 6701239

Tourist services

  • Certification body
  • Protection body
  • Vineyard visits Promotional body
  • Direct sale

The Consortium was formed on 2 July 1971 by several winemakers in the Colli Bolognesi area, and is open to all winemakers in the territory, as specified by quality norms. The Colli Bolognesi Voluntary Consortium is not a trading or sales organization, but was created solely to safeguard the name and reputation DOC wines, to encourage the planting of vines in the area which are suitable for the production of DOC wines, and to promote the appreciation of local DOC wines throughout the world, in particular DOC “Colli Bolognesi” and DOCG “Colli Bolognesi Classico Pignoletto”.

It gathers almost 90% of producers of this area and is in constant contact with vintners, being a reference point for all those who wish to know more on this land and its wines.