Wine tasting of Emilia-Romagna wines at InCantina-Frankfurt

Wine tasting of Emilia-Romagna wines at InCantina-Frankfurt

We are glad to invite you, from the 1st to the 4th March to InCantina-Frankfurt, where there will be organized free tasting of Emilia Romagna wines. The tasting area will be open from Monday to Friday, from the 12pm to the 3pm and from 6pm to 9om. On Saturday from 6pm to 21pm. This is a unique opportunity to expand the knoledge of Emilia Romagna wines, that will be matched with traditional products of Emilia Romagna prepared in the restaurant InCantina.

Emilia Romagna is a region with an ancient oenologic tradition which dates back to the ancient Romans. This long story arrived in our centuries and contributed to offer different varieties of wines: the white grapes as Albana, Pignoletto, Malvasia and the red grapes as Sangiovese, Fortana, Lambrusco and Gutturnio. 

Besides this wines, that have all the PDO label, it is possible to find other grape varieties, less known but interesting: Longanesi, Centesimino, Famoso and Spergola. It is also important the production of sparkling wines: Lambrusco is a name known all over the world but it is worth to know the varieties of this grape. The offer of sparkling wines from Emilia Romagna is wide and covers the entire region.

Emilia Romagna with its different territory (valley, hills and sea) offers wines to satisfy every taste! 


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