21 March 2019

Wine and eno-tourism in Emilia-Romagna at Vinitaly 2019

21 March 2019

Wine and eno-tourism in Emilia-Romagna at Vinitaly 2019

Coordinated by Enoteca Regionale, over 200 wine makers and consortia for the protection of regional varieties are telling the Emilia Romagna style story along the via Emilia

Joy, cheerfulness, passion, love, celebration, but also sustainability, environment, culture, tourism: All of this is Emilia-Romagna wine. All of this is what you will find in Hall 1 at Vinitaly 2019 (in Verona from 7th till 10th of April), thanks to the participation of over 200 winemakers and protection consortia and to the organization and coordination of Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna. The wine of Emilia-Romagna is there to impress you and open up new - and diversified – experiences to be remembered and talked about.

From the riviera to the green hills, through the flourishing flatland, the medieval towns and cities of arts, from the thermal baths to the “motor valley” every single territory is marked by a specific tourist vocation “matching” with excellent quality food and wine varieties: Albana and Sangiovese for the Romagna area, Pignoletto for the Bologna area, Fortana for the Ferrara area, Lambrusco for Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma areas, Malvasia for the Parma area and Piacenza, Gutturnio for the Piacenza area, without forgetting the many local wines scattered all over the region. Once again the via Emilia, the backbone of our region, puts together all our precious resources and becomes a visible track for goodness and beauty for many tourists – from Italy and abroad – coming to Emilia-Romagna for a genuine and pleasurable lifestyle.

Exactly the tourism-wine match will be the fil rouge suggested by Enoteca Regionale for this Vinitaly edition. Pierluigi Sciolette and Ambrogio Manzi, respectively President and Director of Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna: «The wine-growers in Emilia-Romagna have made big investments over the last few years and are now able to welcome the increasingly more numerous tourists coming to our region. Enoteca Regionale has started and is implementing a project in cooperation with all of the institutions and territorial associations to create new routes for tourists and visitors through the various companies». Sunday 7th of April, official opening day of Vinitaly, a kick-off event will take place in Hall 1 - save the date to get updated on the state of the art of wine tourism in Emilia-Romagna.

«The activities that we implement on a daily basis are focusing on the Emilia-Romagna style and the promotion of winemaking values melt with the culture of quality and healthy living. A propelling thrust embracing sustainability, ethics and respect for the environment – said Sciolette and Manzi – From this point of view, we really want to stress once again that we are – the first ones in Italy - working on a certification for territorial social sustainability in cooperation with the scientific community and the Universities of the Region».

In keeping with tradition, this Vinitaly edition will once again host the awarding ceremony of the “Ambassador of the Emilia-Romagna wines”, awarding journalists and opinion leaders, who – due to their story and their work – have stood out for the promotion and valorisation of regional wines. This ceremony will also be accompanied by the “Carta Canta” Award to managers of restaurant, wine cellars, coffee bars, agriturismi (holiday farms), hotels in the region, in Italy or abroad offering a quality range of regional wines in their menus. The event will take place on Monday April 8th.

Together with the aforementioned occasions, Hall 1 will host many other events such as wine-tasting sessions, meetings, and presentations with an aim to promote and valorise the wine-growing heritage in the region as a whole.

A few facts and figures about Hall 1: in a space of around 4,000 sqm (divided between ground floor and several mezzanines to better exploit space in all its dimensions) over 200 companies and consortia will be exhibiting; 20 sommeliers for wine-tasting sessions and 7 tasting counters with over 500 wines. 15,000 glasses/goblets available for tasting managed by a team of 30 people. 1 invitation-only restaurant for the Exhibitors in order to appreciate their own wines paired with food, where a 40-people brigade will be working – chefs and waiters from the Hotel Management School “Bartolomeo Scappi” in Castel San Pietro Terme. 

Vinitaly 2019 will have an out-of-show evening program this year as well. For “Vinitaly and the City” Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna will organize the large stage in Piazza San Zeno for Monday 8th April, with the comedian Paolo Cevoli, the Ridillo music band, starred chefs and the duo Fede&Tinto as presenters of the show.

The full detailed program with all events in Hall 1 Emilia Romagna is to be found published on the website https://bit.ly/2Ugf1Tw  In the Social Media Channels, Facebook @EnotecaRegionaleEmiliaRomagna, Twitter @EnotecaEmRom Instagram @enotecaer you will be able to follow the events with updates, photos and multimedia.

To help the numerous visitors expected for the event in Hall 1, the app “Via Emilia Wine & Food”, is always available: you can download it for free from Apple Store and Google Play, to learn about the most genuine flavours of the region: 300 wine cellars, over 1,000 wines, 21 designations, 44 PDO and PGI products declined into over 200 recipes, 25 museums of taste, 13 Strade dei vini e dei sapori (wine and taste routes), hundreds of itineraries and holiday solutions you can book from within the app. Edited by PrimaPagina Cesena for APT Servizi Emilia Romagna, this app is managed in cooperation and for the Departments Agriculture and Tourism of the Emilia-Romagna Region, in partnership with Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna, Associazione Italiana Sommelier Emilia e Romagna and Unioncamere Emilia-Romagna.