A strong bond connects people to their homeland - an umbilical cord conveying sensations that everyone carries with them their whole life: perfumes, flavours, landscapes and music, which together shape our roots.


Waking up among the Malvasia vineyards is like a dream. Wineries that offer the opportunity to enjoy a stay among their vineyards leave timeless memories.

The Parma hills are gentle and welcoming. The landscape dotted with vines remind us that wine production here is an ancient and deeply-rooted tradition.
Malvasia from the Parma hills, dry or sweet, firm or sparkling, never betrays the nose. Simple yet complex, it smells of spring, flowers and fruit. Lively and convivial it invites you to celebrate and enjoy.

This is the heart of the so-called food valley, one of the most important food and wine areas in Italy.


Waking up among the Malvasia vineyards is like a dream

The territory

Its traditional products are famous all over the world and enjoying them where they originate is an experience not to be missed.

The medieval city centre of Parma is one of the finest in Italy, and perhaps in the world; the imposing cathedral with its dome frescoed by Correggio and the Baptistery by Benedetto Antèlami are not to be missed.

With its small villages, fortresses, castles, green hills and plains reaching as far as the eye can see, the province too reserves some great surprises.

History and traditions

Music and good food. Giuseppe Verdi, whose birthplace lies just a few kilometres from Busseto, was a lover of the local specialities and wines from the hills of Parma, Malvasia above all.

A great companion to the fantastic cured meats matured among these hills, the delicious pasta dishes and traditional cakes and desserts,  Malvasia, sweet or dry, is characteristic of the hills of Parma, a city universally known as the capital of fine dining.

Grape harvest