Trees, flowers, fruits...  everything is already decided by nature.

Our job is to read and interpret because this is the basis of our history and our identities - identities that do not create boundaries but widen horizons.


A recent history with centuries-old roots. Just fifty years ago the vineyards of Ortrugo that today populate the hills of Piacenza were disappearing, reduced to a few hectares and used solely for the production of cut grapes.

The rediscovery of this vine in the 1970s was a lucky hunch. Its production quickly increased, while its newly-conferred DOC status gave it a further boost.



Driving among the Piacenza hills takes you on a delightful route through vineyards and small historic villages

The territory

The pleasant climate and proximity to the major towns of the Po valley has made this a popular destination for those looking for local history, art and traditions but also for relaxing or practising outdoor sports in unspoilt surroundings.

With a wide range of accommodation, you can choose to stay in an elegant home, encircled by the noble history of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza or enjoy the simplicity of a farmhouse set in lush vineyards.

History and traditions

Local specialities play an important role in any holiday.

Traditional stuffed pasta made by expert hands and the irresistible charcuterie of Piacenza are a wonderful accompaniment to the local still, charmat  or sparkling Ortrugo wine, whose immediacy combines with a complex array of aromas to make it ideal for drinking both throughout meal or alone as an aperitif.

Grape harvest