Passion is like a beacon beaming into the dark; a sun that lights up the night. 

Passion is red like blood, strong like the wind and it smells of sweat and dirt, passion is the engine of life.


With its unmistakable colour and wide range of fragrances, Sangiovese di Romagna represents the character of this land perfectly - generous and forthright, sanguine and passionate.


Sangiovese is the soul of Romagna

The territory

Although the most widespread grape variety in Italy, it is so closely linked to Romagna that it is almost impossible to think of one without the other.

The Sangiovese grapes that adorn the gentle hills of inland Romagna breathe the sea winds and the breezes of the Apennines that meet here to form a unique climate.

The sweeping views invite you to embrace the magical atmosphere and experience the thrilling experience of a holiday surrounded by vineyards.

History and traditions

Romagna has much more to offer besides famous seaside resorts: its centuries-old history stunning areas of land where nature reigns supreme and where ancient traditions are still kept alive to produce its unique delicacies but above all it has its own vitality and the poetry of those who brought its character to life.

Sangiovese di Romagna wine is eclectic and versatile: made for the local cuisine yet it speaks a universal language, accompanying seafood and meat equally well; it is a proverbially sociable wine that can also be sipped alone.

Grape harvest