Architecture, historic buildings and ancient traditions. History leaves important legacies that it is our duty to preserve.



Although a wine that boasts a centuries-old history, its identity has only been officially recognized in recent times. For a long time, Spergola  was confused with Sauvignon but it is actually a very old native grape variety that found its ideal setting amid the hills of Scandiano and Canossa in the Reggio Emilia province. 

Spergola has been part of the life of these lands for centuries

The territory

Thanks to its versatility, the grape is used to make different types of wines - still, sparkling, spumante and raisin wines. These are wines that accompany the whole meal, combining perfectly with the local dishes and produce.

Spergola has had many different names over the years, although it has been part of the life of these lands for centuries. Lands where important historical events have unfolded and the ancient remains still provide testimony of this evocative past.

It is hard not to be fascinated by the imposing castles of Rossena, Bianello, the fortress of the Boiardo in Scandiano or the ruins at Canossa.

The hills of Reggio Emilia, with their gastronomic delights, relaxing views and millennial history are just waiting to be discovered, while the Spergola grapes and the excellent wines they produce are an important part of the traditions of this land.

Grape harvest