Colli Bolognesi DOP Pignoletto tipo Passito

Pignoletto 85-90% and 15-10% other non aromatic white grapes recommended or allowed. Yield per hectare: according to sub-zones, max 90-120 quintals and max must-to-fruit ratio 65-70%


Its light yellow colour sometimes shows greenish nuances; delicate distinctive smell slightly aromatic in the sparkling type. Recommended with truffle canapés, ravioli with squash blossoms, fried shellfish and fish in general if served at a temperature of 9-11°C. Ideal as an aperitif. The sparkling type and the raisin type are also produced. Sparkling type: it has a fine, lively and persistent froth and a minimum alcohol content of 11 degrees. Serve chilled at 8 °C; in formal banquets, it perfectly matches each course. Excellent as an aperitif, too. Raisin type: its golden yellow colour shows amber nuances; it has a delicate flavour, a mellow or sweet taste and a minimum alcohol content of 15 degrees. This wine, served at 10-12 °C, is particularly suitable for pastry, dried fruit, herb-flavoured cheese. Excellent if drunk between meals as well.