Romagna DOP Sangiovese con una delle seguenti menzioni geografiche aggiuntive (Sottozone)

Sangiovese min 95% and 5% other estate grown red grapes suitable for growing in Emilia Romagna. Yield per hectare: max 90 quintals (80 for the Riserva version) and max must-to-fruit ratio 65%


Ruby-red coloured with violet nuances, this wine has a distinctive delicate smell like that of a sweet violet. Its taste is dry harmonic. Served at 18 °C it perfectly matches pastas, white meat roasts as well as boiled meat and grilled wether. Three versions of this wine are available: superiore, vintage, novello. The “superiore” type cannot be drunk before the 1st April following the harvest and has a minimum alcohol content of 12,50 degrees. The vintage type shall age for two years after the 1st December following the harvest and is ideal with pastas better if with game sauce, roast white meat, boiled meat, grilled wether. The “novello” type is to be drunk very young and has a minimum alcohol content of 11,50 degrees. It is to be obtained from at least 50% of wine produced by carbonic maceration.