Centesimino  or Savignon Rosso is a grape discovered last century and is typical of the front hills of Faenza, in the area surrounding the Oriolo Tower. Dark ruby red in the glass, Centesimino conquers your palate with strong scents of orange blossom, rose, violet, licorice and anise.

Maybe you don’t know that
Centesimino has been growning since XVII century on the Faenza hills. The story goes that in the Forties Pietro Pianori discovered the vine growing in a garden in the center of the town of Faenza, in the Ravenna province. This garden had high walls surrounding it that supposedly prevented the phylloxera louse from getting inside, that is why this vine was able to survive the epidemic which destroyed most of Italian vineyards.

In the early XX century the grape was known as Savignôn Rosso or Sauvignon Rosso , maybe for its aromatic features or for its strength that could resemble the ones of Sauvignon Blanc, though it has no relation whatsoever to either Sauvignon Blanc or French Sauvignon Rouge. Centesimino was included in the Italian national catalogue of vine varieties in 2004.

Centesimino today
The rich aromas of Centesimino join together two unique features: the passion cultivated with patience and the renowned lively mood of Romagna wine makers. Only a small group of wine producers on the Faenza hills is qualified for  the production of this wine, simple but elegant and very sought-after. It is produced also in the Passito version, to be tasted with dark chocolate for a perfect match.