Along the Adriatic Coast, the province of Ferrara delimits the land of Vini delle Sabbie (Sand Wines). In this area vineyards are cultivated near the Mediterranean scrub, blown by maritime breezes, and roots go deep down in the sandy soils. The strong identity of such wines allowed them to obtain a specific denomination of origin, DOC Bosco Eliceo, whose most representative wine is Fortana. 

Maybe you don’t know that
Fortana, the prince of the coastal area dotted with dunes, pinewoods, valleys and salt pans, is also called Uva D’Oro (Golden Grape) after Còte d'Or of Borgogne, from where Renée of France brought this vine for the Duke of Este. Here this grape has been growing since the XI century, thanks to the drainage carried out by the monks of Pomposa. That is why among the rows you can find centuries-old, low vines.

The extreme conditions of this habitat,  a damp environment, with impenetrable fogs, where the air is briny and the soils sandy and extremely infertile confer unique characteristics to the wines, characterized by savory accents on the palate. It is said, in fact, that those tasting the Sand Wines can taste the sea!

Fortana today
Limited alcohol contents and minerality give Fortana the key to adapt to many situations, from light aperitifs to fish-based dinners. If the weather is mild, drinking a glass of Fortana recalls relaxing images, while if drunk during the winter it recalls the joyful summer holidays at the seaside.