Spergola is a variety indigenous to the Scandiano area, in the province of Reggio Emilia, which finds an ideal habitat in soils rich in clay and chalk and can resist dryness.
Spergola is said to be “winged”, because every bunch has its side bunch, similar to a small wing. The bunch has a medium density, with medium to small berries and a yellow-green pruinose skin. Spergola grapes are made into a white wine that, as a semi-sparkling or sparkling product, features a pale straw yellow colour with greenish reflections, a delicate perfume of green apple and a fragrant, rather acidic taste. As a still wine Spergola usually undergoes a partial drying of the grapes, which leads to more intense and elegant aromas and a fuller body with a balance between sugars and acidity that gives this wine a long, lingering finish.

Maybe you don’t know that
The first written accounts of Spergola date back to the XV century, when the Great Duchess of Tuscany Bianca Cappello first mentioned it. Throughout history various names have been associated with this variery: Pomoria, Pellegrina, Spergolina or Spargolina are some of these. It is a very ancient grape that has long been confused with Sauvignon. In 2000 a DNA analysis has finally demonstrated that it is genetically different from Sauvignon, allowing for its registration in the National Grape Variety Catalogue and thus the inclusion of Spergola wine in the DOC (PDO) Colli di Scandiano e Canossa. At present, five vintners have chosen to invest on this variety: to promote this wine together they have joined in the Compagnia della Spergola.

Spergola  today
Still, passito but more often semi-sparkling or sparkling, Spergola wine shows an unmistakable personality made of good structure and freshness. As a dry wine it is a tasty pairing for a Sunday lunch, pairing well with appetizers, first courses with fish, filled pastas, light meat dishes and cold cuts, not to mention Parmigiano Reggiano. The sweet version is great with cakes, bisquits or the very typical Zuppa Inglese. If you are looking for a real treat to conclude a family meal... all you have to do is plunge a piece of ciambella cake in this wine. Just try and see!