Colli di Rimini DOP Rebola tipo Amabile

Min 85% Pignoletto and 15% Biancame, Mostosa and Trebbiano Romagnolo, alone or blended. Yield per hectare: max 110 quintals and max must-to-fruit ratio 70% (50% for the passito version)


This white wine is produced in four different versions: dry, mellow, sweet and raisin. Dry type: with its sometimes golden colour, a distinctive, slightly fruity smell, a dry, harmonic, fine taste, and a minimum alcohol content of 11.50 degrees, it is ideal for hors d’oeuvres and fish courses if served at 10 °C. Mellow and sweet types: their colour ranges from light straw-yellow to amber, their smell is characteristic and fruity. Served chilled at 10 °C, they perfectly match fruit tarts and pies. Raisin type: a golden yellow sometimes amber-coloured wine, with a distinctive, intense smell and a sweet, velvety taste, it has a minimum alcohol content of 16% degrees, (effective minimum content: 11.50 degrees). It goes well together with crispy pastry, dried fruit, herb-flavoured cheese, Parmesan cheese, better if matched with honey and fruit mustard. Serve at a temperature of 10 °C.