Modena DOP Bianco Frizzante

Montuni, Pignoletto, Trebbiano (varieties and clones suitable for growing in Emilia Romagna) alone or blended min 85%, no more than 15% non aromatic white grapes, suitable for growing in Emilia Romagna, Ancellotta, Fortana and other red grapes, suitable for growing in Emilia Romagna. Yield per hectare: max 230 quintals, max must-to-fruit ratio 70%


Perlage: lively, fading. Colour: more or less intense straw yellow . Aroma: delicate, fragrant and distinctive with flowery and fruity notes. Taste: full-bodied, fresh, well-balanced. Minimum total alcohol content: 10.50%. Serving temperature: 10°C. Suggested food matching: excellent as an aperitif, toasted bread slices with truffle, tortellini in broth, tortelli filled with courgette flowers, fried shellfish and fish in general.