Geographic area: The PODS of Reno

The PODS of Reno

The POD Reno is produced in the flatlands of Modena and Bologna where the Reno river flows. Its area extends west to east from Savignano sul Panaro and Crevalcore to Imola. The PDO includes only still or semi-sparkling white wines: PDO Reno Bianco, PDO Reno Montuni and PDO Reno Pignoletto. The most typical of this wines is Montuni, produced from Montù grapes. The origins of this variety are uncertain, as the explanations of its strange name shows. Some of these, in fact, relate it to Spain, others to the Montonico variety indigenous of the Ascoli Piceno area; yet the most likely etymology relates the name Montù to "molt'ù", dialectal expression used in Bologna for “a lot of grapes”.