Geographic area: The PODS of Colli Piacentini

The PODS of Colli Piacentini

The Colli Piacentini are the four valleys - Val Tidone, Val d'Arda, Val Trebbia, and Val Nure - behind Piacenza. It's an extremely rich territory, both in terms of ampelography and enological traditions, which extends over slightly less than 6,800 hectares (98% of which on hillsides at altitudes between 150 and 450 m a.s.l.). Gutturnio is a blend of Barbera (55-70%) and Croatina, the local term for Bonarda (from 30 to 45%). It is traditionally a semi-sparkling wine, but is also produced in still versions, and though it is generally drunk young it can also age well (Gutturnio Riserva). Gutturnio's white counterpart is Ortrugo, a native grape with a compact bunch and pale grapes, once almost completely eradicated in flavour of the Malvasia di Candia, but re-planted since the end of the 1970s, when its potential for being vinified as a pure varietal was noted. Today Ortrugo represents 12% of production and is rightly placed next to the Gutturnio as a flagship of Piacenza enology. As evidence of the importance and worth of these wine, in 2010 Gutturnio and Ortrugo acquired PDO status in their own right. In addition, one should not forget Malvasia, for years the main white grape of the area and widely grown in the neighbouring Province of Parma as well.